Our Story

We love helping companies towards a successful business. We also love figuring out new ways to leverage technology to help people build extraordinarily productive, humane and resilient companies. After developing Ninety.io, we knew there was more that technology could do help companies develop what we call “superpowers.” With that, the idea for ToolsHub was born, a collection of easy-to-use, powerful products that Nintey.io users can leverage instantly to get even better results.

Why Dashboards

Research reveals that it’s not just leaders who crave data — every one of our stakeholders craves data. This means top-level executives all the way down to part-time workers want more information on how they perform.

One of the key reasons people crave data is it increases trust. Trust is an essential ingredient for a healthy relationship. Transparency is essential for trust. This matters because healthy, high-trust cultures materially out-perform low-trust cultures. DASH’s publicly available DASHboards are a great way to build transparency and trust. We purpose-built DASH to do just that.

Meet the Team

The team obsessed with helping you capture data to give you insight and foresight.

Mark Abbott


Meg Mayhugh


Andrew Kraynak


Kris Snyder


Mark Ziler


Next Steps…

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