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Free DASHboards built to unleash the confidence, capability and connectedness of your people.

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Turn Your Data into Your Superpower

Get a better view of the Big Picture. With a simple connection to Ninety.io, DASH allows you to analyze performance across your Rocks, To-dos, Issues and Scorecards in real time.


DASH adds-on to Ninety.io, bringing you a collection of tools to help you turn data into a super power!

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Build Custom Charts and Reporting Tools

DASH includes data visualization tools that allow users to better understand the analytics (aka the measurables and associated numbers) that matter most to your business.

  • DASH allows for one or multiple charts that can be customized by data, design and layout.

  • DASH lets you create DASHboards to share with individuals, their teams, or the company as a whole.

Compare Individuals and Team Progress with a Few Clicks

DASH provides an objective, easy-to-understand view of performance metrics. Data visualization serves as an effective foundation for trust and awareness, as well as further dialogue and action.

  • Give team members a real-time view of their performance and
  • Let colleagues see the value of their data and get curious about how they perform versus their peers, teams and company.

Broadcast DASH to Build Trust

Connect DASH to an external monitor to share and display progress, results and achievement in office spaces for high-level visibility across the organization.

  • Share scrolling shots of information such as: cascading messages; directory profiles; pictures; Core Values; quotes; Job Postings; V/TO™; Accountability Charts, and more.

  • Increase levels of openness, compassion, appreciation and celebration across teams and departments.

Setup? In Seconds.
Insights? Immediate.

A Ninety.io account is all you need to get set up with ToolsHub.ai. Once in place, DASH can pull information from your Meetings, Quarterly Conversations, Accountability Chart, etc. to give a more complete view of progress across the organization. As an added bonus, DASH functionality is FREE to users of Ninety.io.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Ninety.io related to ToolsHub.ai?2021-02-05T13:50:10-05:00

Ninety.io is a sister company to ToolsHub.ai. Ninety.io is a collection of business building and awareness tools. DASH adds onto this functionality by providing a DASHboard reporting tool for advanced analytics on the data collected through Ninety.io.

DASH is a product available through Ninety.io.

What does DASH cost?2020-09-21T13:28:57-04:00

DASH (the first product of ToolsHub.ai) is free with your Ninety.io subscription. Ninety.io pricing can be found here.

How do I set up DASH?2020-09-21T13:29:33-04:00

A Ninety.io account is required to use DASH. Create an account or login to your existing 90 account. Once logged in, visit Settings > Configuration and activate the DASH option. This will refresh your page and show the new DASHboard page in the left navigation.

What is DASH?2020-09-21T13:30:57-04:00

DASH, an abbreviation for DASHboard, is the first product offering of ToolsHub.ai. DASH allows you to create custom charts on a DASHboard (collection of charts) and choose who you would like to share them with, who should have edit permissions, and what information it should display. A user can create multiple public or private DASHboards to track a range of information.

Data for DASH is pulled directly from Ninety.io.

What reports can I run with DASH in Ninety.io?2020-09-21T13:31:30-04:00

Data from Ninety.io is collected to be ready for Chart Building in DASH. Right now, information that can be used is from the Scorecard, Rocks and To-dos sections of Ninety.io.

Information from Issues, Meetings, V/TO™, Accountability Chart, Feedback, Process and Directory will soon be available. Charts/Data in each of those categories is continually being developed.

What other features come with ToolsHub?2020-09-21T13:31:53-04:00

Right now, DASH is the only product available with ToolsHub.ai. Throughout 2021, additional products will be available in ToolsHub.ai. These include both completely new tools and add-on features to Ninety.io.

We crave more data.

Our team is obsessed with data and giving our clients actionable insights to their business.

Learn more about the how and why of Dash.

About Us

Who is ToolsHub.ai?

Toolshub.ai is an expanding array of business building and awareness tools for companies running on Ninety.io.

Our first product is Dash, giving you advanced analytics into your Ninety.io tools.

More ToolsHub.ai products to come in 2021!

Dash Features

What is Dash?

  • Data visualization tools that allow users to understand the data you have been collecting in Ninety.io.

  • You and your employees to see and immediately understand your key metrics.

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